This Is Just the Beginning…

With her mouth saying a confident yes and her mind screaming wait, the rusty at writing redhead agreed to write a weekly blog. Time ticked and the redhead procrastinated until she had two choices; go back on her word or pray and write what the Holy Spirit Himself would have to tell the writing blocked redhead.

It happened after reading in Second Chronicles – the desperate redhead sent up a frantic plea to God to slow and direct the thoughts swirling in the unfocused red heads mind. Immediately in response to the anxious redhead’s prayer God prompted Asher, the snaggle toothed cat perched lazily on top of the redhead’s desk to soothe the brooding silence with his soft melodic purr. The now calming redhead briefly closed her green eyes and the racing thoughts of King Solomon, the world’s most wealthy and wise, slowed and began to take on sharp clarity. The peace filled redhead briefly wonders if King Solomon. like the majority of the world, ever suffered last minute panic due to procrastination. Not wanting to trade her new found peace for a fresh round of panic, the relaxed redhead brushes off all thoughts of procrastination and deadlines, both hers and the ancient kings.

 It is recorded in 2 Chronicles 5:1 All the work Solomon had done for the Lord was finished. The temple was built and the valuable things previously dedicated to the house of the Lord by King David had been stored safely in the temple treasury. The of the ark of the covenant rested in the temples holy of holies. The dedication of the house of the Lord and the times of celebration and feasting are over. King Solomon and all the people return to their homes exhausted yet fulfilled because God has used the people to accomplish a purpose far larger than themselves. With the passage of time excitement dwindles and memories fade. The familiar replaces the new and comradery declines as the sense of being united for a purpose dissolve into apathy and complacency. The people pridefully give into haughty thoughts of achievement and It doesn’t take long for Solomon and his kingdom to become distracted by focusing solely on what comforts and pleases only themselves.  Good News family, God has paved the way for us to inhabit a new and larger space. The papers have been signed, the building renovated. Treasures used in the old sanctuary have been moved and thoughtfully placed in newly designated spaces. Good News Church on Main has been dedicated to the Lord. The celebrations have slowed, and we have returned to our homes exhausted yet abundantly fulfilled because we recognize God has united and used us for a purpose far larger than ourselves.

Family, God has given us this large and renovated building for a purpose. Now is not the time to forsake the assembling of our selves together because we have accomplished some great thing. Now is the time to intentionally spur one another on in Christ Jesus. Our new sanctuary on Main is not the end of God’s purposes for our family, it is just the beginning. We must take precautions to stay alert and not grow complacent because we have accomplished a great goal. We must not procrastinate but seek and obey God. God has plans and purposes for each of us in the Good News family, both individually and corporately. We must continue to encourage each other and seek God’s will so we do not fall asleep in the comfortable trap of apathetic complacency.  Family, we need God, but we also need each other. Seek, obey and hold on faithfully to God and even to each other because the best is yet to come.

Sarah Burnette 7/2/22